The Blanton's of Bakersfield



                 I wish to express my sincerest appreciation to all family members, researchers and family historians who have shared their research and their many efforts throughout the years to help accomplish the strides we have made together in the genealogical history of our Blanton Family.

There are so many who deserve so much credit for their endeavors in the Blanton Family DNA Analysis Project.  First, recognition has to be given to each of the brave Blanton gentlemen who submitted their gentic data, and waited and accepted the outcome of their DNA test results.  Bravo to each of you!  Thank you so much.

Next, to the Co-Cordinator's Debbie Blanton McCoy of Kilgore, Texas and Robert Stafford of Chicago, Illinois, your efforts in research time and totalsupport are appreciated by all interested participants in the DNA Project. Together we have made a great step out of the bramble of branches.

Those who came through with funds and supported the Project by helping some who could not manage the funds at that time, you too are very appreciated. It was very good of you.

Thank you Everyone, Jenelle