The Blanton's of Bakersfield


John Blanton b. 1760 VA or NC m. Unknown d. 1840 Red River County, Republic of Texas

Source: Probate of John Blanton Nov, Probate Court ~ Clarksville, Republic of Texas/Texas; Military Roster Captain Becknell's Red River Blue Texas War for Independence Registered at age 75 years old in Clarksville. Headright #302 1 league and 1 labor. DNA test results of 2nd great-grandson David William Blanton connect John Blanton and his Blanton Branch to the Tidewater Blantons of Virginia, also based on Documentation provided by matching DNA Donots of same Project. 

David Blanton b. 1799 Tennessee  m. Susanna Snow 1824 Alabama d. Texas

Source: Marriage License of David and Susanna Snow Blanton. 1850 Federal Census Texas Cass County.

David Robert Blanton b. 1844 Mississippi m. Louisa Jane Adamson 1869 Collin County, Texas d. 1894 Texas

Source: Marriage License of David Robert and Louisa Jane Adamson Blanton. 1850 Federal Census Texas Cass County. Land Records for DRB,

David Elijah Blanton b. 1877 m. Zada Creech d. 1921 Grayson County, Texas

Source: Death Certificate of DEB. Death Certificate of Zada Creech Blanton Feceral Census Texas 1910~1921.

David William Blanton b. October 1911 m. Lenora Dillon 1935 Texas  d. December 2004 Bakersfield, California. 2nd great-grandson of John Blanton.

Source: Birth, Death, Social Security, marriage, death records; Federal Census 1920 Grayson County Texas. DNA Donor 2001 Blanton Family DNA Analysis Project.

Jenelle Blanton~Wilcox - Still Living