The Blanton's of Bakersfield



 The Blanton Family true origins are an uncertanity at this date.  The Family traces back to the Britsh Isles.  Documentation and other traces of the Blanton name have been located in England.  The surname Blanton is traced back to the fifteenth century and is a corruption of the ancient Scotch border family name Ballantine, the evolution being through Ballantine, Blantine, Blanten to Blanton. In an old manuscript dated 1459, reference is found to the family, and in an older manuscript, John Blanton, evidently of the same family, is named. At the time Queen Elizabeth reigned, the family was seated in Lancashire. The escutcheon of the Blanton family is: A plain shield with a background of silver; diagonally from dexter chief point to sinister base point runs a broad band of sky blue, bearing on it the figures of three lions rampant. The whole is surrounded with a narrow black margin. Source: Encyclopedia Virginia Biography, Volume IV. Lyon G. Tyler, 1915


A legal search of the records in England resulted in the following statement:"In consideration of this matter a thorough and exhaustive search has been made of all the available printed and manuscript records of the County of Lancashire together with a portion of the Counties of Cheshire, but without any discovery of the existence of the family, other than the record of the arms about the middle of the Sixteenth Century. Robert Grover, Somerset Herald, from 1571 to 1588 includes in his ordinary of arms, two coats for Blanton of Lancashire, and the simplicity of the first coat points to great antiquity and it may be assumed that the second coat is of later date and adopted by a descendant of the family bearing the first coat. Description of Arms: Blanton of Lancashire, silver or white on a bend (black) sable; three gold lions rampant out of the field.

The bearing of such coat of such a period clearly denotes that the family then occupied a position of some consequence, as the heralds of the day exercised great vigilance in preventing unauthorized bearing of arms and possessed considerable powers which they did not hesitate to employ as occasion required."  Source: History of Caroline County Virginia. Marshall Wingfield, 1925. 

Blanton - (English) "Dweller at a homestead at the end or on a point; or at the horse farm". Source:
Dictionary of American Family Names


Members of the Family are known to have entered into colonial Boston, Massachusetts early as 1635  and colonial Virginia as early as 1682.

At this website you will learn about  the ancestry and the descendancy of my Blanton branch.  I am the third great-granddaughter of John Blanton of Republic of Texas.

My father came to California on three different frieght trains, exploring and looking for work as many young men did during the lean years of 1937.  He grew to love California, and sent for his wife and son to join him. Dad and Mother first came to Lancaster, California and then later came to Bakersfield.  They remained in Bakersfield for the duration of their lives.  My father was a resident of Bakersfield for sixty-seven years.

  My father died in 2004, he was the last living MALE descendant of our Blanton branch.  He was the 1st DNA particvipant in the Nation Wide Blanton Family DNA Analysis Project.

The David William Blanton Family of Bakrsfield is a small Blanton Branch in California.  We are today four generatons of native born Californians.